What You Should Know About Auto Glass

The world of auto glass can be quite confusing. Not every car owner knows that their car windows and windshield are made of a different type of glass and that every area of the car that has the auto glass is also different, too. The only thing that most car owners know is that when it breaks, they must consider either getting a windshield replacement or windshield repair. But to avail such a service, you need to understand the basics so that it will help you identify different types of auto glass and when you need to repair or replace them. Although it is not necessary, it will give you a lot of benefits, too, when you know the basic terminology about the glass services you need and its value that you acquire after that.

Window Types

The windshield is the largest piece of glass of a vehicle that protects the driver or the front seat occupants against the wind and the road hazards. The next largest window is the rear auto glass; wherein it is located at the back of the vehicle. The rear and front door windows also got its type and can be rolled down or up when needed. The rear quarter auto glass windows are usually used in bigger vehicles for better visibility while the vent windows are smaller, usually in triangular shaped that aids in any window shape frames. Most of the vents do not open in vehicles these days.


The tracks of the car aids in keeping the auto glass windows in place as they go down and up. The one that controls the auto glass windows is the window regulator, and a handle is connected to this device in non-powered models. The powered models are those equipped with window motor as it provides power to the window regulator. The one that holds the windshield in place is the window molding. There are other adhesives that are used in keeping the molding of the windshield secure. It can be used in the same manner during the auto glass replacement process.

glass-chipServices and others

The repair tools that are used in the market involve infusing glass and resin for windshield repair. A mold release tool is used to cut out the molding of the auto glass windows away in one of many repairs and replacement services. Some technicians make use of heat gun to dry up the adhesives quickly. In the auto glass industry, having a good and durable pair of glass will come a long way from the vehicles.

These are just of some the basics in this industry that can aid the car owners to get into a conversation when they send in their vehicle for inspection, especially when it comes to windshield repair and replacement. When you know what is required in replacing or fixing the auto glass, you will know and even get a good estimate on how much you are going to pay for the service. It will also be easier to navigate around and faster to communicate with the technicians.