Recognizing early on that energy storage was the Achilles Heel to enabling electric vehicle transportation solutions, ZENN Motor Company entered into a technology agreement with EEStor, Inc.

EEStor, a privately held company based in Austin, Texas, is working to develop and manufacture a high-energy-density ceramic ultra capacitor called an Electrical Energy Storage Unit (EESU).  An EESU is designed to act as a very high capacity battery.  EEStor expects that its EESU will store over 10 times the energy of lead-acid batteries on a volume basis.  EEStor also expects that its EESU will have an up-front cost advantage relative to lithium-ion batteries in addition to greater longevity over traditional chemical based batteries. 

EEStor is developing its technology in an internal production environment.  The achievements that EEStor has made to-date, including the purification of chemicals, the homogeneity of the combined product and the permittivity results have been achieved and third-party verified off the production line.  If the EEStor energy storage technology proves successful, ZMC believes the technology would open the door to the mass commercialization of electric vehicles with speed and distance characteristics comparable to vehicles powered by conventional internal combustion engines.