Auto Glass Damage

Every side of your car that has auto glass faces several risks daily without giving prior notice. However, from all the sides, the windshield is the one more exposed to damage compared to the side and rear windows. And when this unforeseen damage happens, you either decide to settle with the damage or have it replaced.

glass_crackThe debris on the road is one of the main causes of windshield replacement. The probability of your car or any vehicle you own needs auto glass repair. Here are some of the common damages that are highly likely to happen to your vehicle.

  • Stone break – this can also be referred to as chip or ding caused by a flying stone. This is the most common to all types of windshield damage. You can see it on your windshield as a tiny ding or chip. There are others that look like it has been forcefully nailed with a pin without breaking the whole surface. But this type of damage is also the easiest and most affordable since you can have it repaired. However, when you leave the cracks at it is, it will eventually become worse, and you will have to replace it.
  • Cracked chip – this is a kind of windshield damage that goes through in a single crack, like about quarter the size of its impact point. Most of the cases with this one can be repaired.
  • Combination break – this is seen as multiple breaks of cracks, chips, and dings. If such a situation happens with your auto glass but is only seen on the surface, it can still be repaired. However, when the cracks, dings or chips are too deep, that will be up for replacement.
  • Bull’s Eye – this is mostly caused by debris or a rock but on a larger scale. This is a bit larger and circular compared to the ding or chip. When such damage happens to your vehicle’s windshield, it can still be repaired. However, it depends on the size. When it is too large, it naturally needs a replacement.
  • Floater crack – this kind of damage is a crack that originates from the center of the windshield. Just like the damages above, it can either be repaired or replaced depending on how long and deep the crack is.
  • Edge crack – this is a kind of crack wherein it begins within two inches of the windshield. It can also start at the edge of the windshield, hence the name.
  • Stress crack – this is a type of crack wherein the damage doesn’t happen then and there right away. The windshield is expected to grow weak from all the exposure it has gone through, especially when it is exposed to extreme temperatures. Either the windshield gets replaced or repaired depends on the extent of the damage.

It can be troublesome when you don’t treat your windshield right. Make sure you have a contact of the most reputable auto glass company so that you can send your vehicle right away to do some either repairs or replacement.

Auto Glass Damage, Auto Glass Repair

A windshield serves as a shield from severe weather, protects the occupants in the event of an accident and offers a safe and comfortable ride. Damaged and neglected car glass poses a potential safety risk to passengers and other motorists on the road. A chip or crack on a windshield must be repaired with utmost urgency, if not, the damage may develop into a more severe fracture over time and necessitate an expensive replacement. Car glass repair is fairly straight forward but requires an individual expertise and attention to the finest detail to ensure quality finish and safety. Most automobile service centers perform car glass repair; there are also some expensive car glass repair and replacement companies that offer a range of car glass related services.

Getting car glass repair in New Jersey is always necessary when you find a problem with your car windows. These play a significant role in protecting you as you are driving. Therefore, you need to ensure that they are always in excellent condition. It is not wise to just let anyone handle your car or windows.

crack repaired

There are six important things you should consider when getting car glass repair.

Mobile services are always important when you want repairs. If there is a problem with your car windows, the last thing you want to do is drive. You can be putting your life at risk by doing so. Hence, it is best to go for car glass repair in New Jersey. The technicians come to where you are and do the repairs. This is also convenient and saves you a lot of trouble going to look for the garage. It also saves you the extra money you would spend on tow services or gas.

You should also consider the quality of glass you get for your car. You do not want low-quality glass that will hardly serve you. Always go for premier one car glass that is of high quality. These are quality glasses from recognized manufacturers. This ensures that you have a quality view through the windows. It also means that the glass will last you for long since it is durable.

As you are getting car glass replacement, you need to inquire about a warranty. Since you are having a whole new installation done, you have to ensure it is the best. A professional will not hesitate to offer you a lifetime warranty on seals and artistry. This shows that they are confident in the work they do. However, should anything happen, you can always go and get it fixed for free.

Getting certified technicians is always mandatory if you want quality artistry. If possible, do not just take your car to a regular garage. This is because they might not have mechanics that have been trained to do this. Always choose technicians who have undergone the necessary training and have been certified to do windshield repair. They are going to do a good job and make sure you do not have any complaints after.

side window fixed

If you have a claim, you can get car glass replacement covered by the insurance company. In such a case, you need to get a car repair shop that accepts your insurance company. This is to protect you from having to pay for the service from your pocket. Also, professional service providers will go the extra mile and file the insurance claim for you.

Finally, the sixth thing to consider when getting car glass repair is whether your car model is serviced. There are some car garages that stock replacement shields for only certain vehicle models. So before you commit yourself, always ask whether they handle all kinds of cars. This ensures that when you need a car glass repair, your car can be serviced without a problem.

The car glass repair or replacement should not be ignored because delay may cost heavier to the owner of the car. Windshield and other glasses must be installed correctly because improperly installed windshield may a compromise with your safety and with the safety of other in the vehicle. So when there is a need of repair or replacement of windshield, it is important that windshield must be installed by the qualified technicians who use best quality glass and a proper system.

Auto Glass Damage, Auto Glass Repair

Replacing a cracked windshield can be very expensive but there are plenty of cheaper alternatives around on the market. Of course, the sooner you can repair a crack the better as a crack that is left alone can soon develop into a much larger irreparable crack.

If you don’t repair a chip or a crack on a windshield this will only cause it to spread and subsequently render the windshield useless. The idea behind repairing a windshield is to prevent the air from getting to the crack so ensuring that its airtight essential. There are now several kits around that will help you repair a cracked windshield most of which follow a very similar process. Most contain an adhesive contained within a syringe which when injected into the chip forces out any air, seals up the surface and prevents further damage from taking place.

So how do we start? Before you do anything measure the crack. Cracks 6 in (approx. 15 cm) or under are fine to be repaired at home. Cracks longer than this up to and including 18 in (approx. 46 cm), consult a professional and check that it’s safe to repair at home. For cracks, longer than 18 in let a professional deal with it. Cracks that penetrate through to the inside of the windshield i.e. can be felt while sitting inside the car should not be fixed but the windshield should be replaced.

So, everything you’re going to need can be bought from your local hardware store all at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new windshield.

First thing you need is a bridge style repair kit. Ideally one with suction cups are better as it will help “stick” to the window while your applying the resin into the crack. It should also contain a vacuum system that will help remove air from the crack as the resin is applied.

The resin within the applicator will need to be “cured” AFTER it has been applied, with UV light so make sure its daylight, preferably when its sunny, but if this is not possible see if you can get hold of a UV lamp.

Finally, before applying the resin tap out any broken glass or shards that may still be present and ensure that the window is clean and dry. The last thing you want to do is trap any broken glass or dirt into the window.

Once the window is ready, pending on the type of resin applicator you have purchased, you will need to prep the syringe with the resin. Always check the instructions as each one will differ slightly in the application method. If you are dealing with a longer crack, then you will need to make a small hole at the end of the crack but not all the way though just on the surface approx. ¼ the way through. Recommend you use a glass drill bit for this. Once this has done place the loaded applicator over the area that needs to be repaired. If your applicator came with suction cups then you will need to apply a lubricant. Vaseline is ideal for this. If your applicator didn’t come with suction cups then simply hold the end against the crack.

Slowly pull up or release the applicator syringe. This will allow the resin to enter the crack while at the same time forcing out any air that may be in the crack. Do approx. 2 cm at a team before moving the applicator. This is where greased suction cups are ideal as they will slide easily across the window. Take your time as this is the trickiest part and getting this wrong could cost you the window. Once you are sure the resin is entering the crack you will be able to easily move the applicator across and fill the rest.

Once you have filled the crack you will need to apply the curing tape. Sometimes they give you large sheets so cut to size or as required and cover the whole length of the crack. You will now need to leaver the window exposed to UV light to cure the resin. Note you will still be able to see the crack at this point. Curing can take from 30 mins up to couple hours so be patient. Once it has been cured then you can removing the curing strips and using a razor, (some kits provide one), scrape off any excess resin from the windshield. You will still be able to see the crack faintly but for the large part it will be mostly invisible.